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Our Mission

We are 2 moms who want to show our children that you can choose to eat healthy foods and not sacrifice taste. Food is meant to nourish the body, yet so much of our foods today only lead to chronic disease. Join us in the revolution to make healthy food accessible and delicious!

Quality Ingredients

Fast food chains and vending machine snacks use low quality ingredients that harm your health. We partner with brands that only use high quality ingredients in their products.


Even some fruits and veggies can be contaminated with harmful chemicals. We source only foods made with quality, chemical free ingredients.

Maintains Taste

Many snacks contain sugar to accent taste. We choose foods that taste great without adding tons of sugar.

Want to See Healthee Foods in Your School or Business?

We want to make Healthee Snaks brands available all over the country. 

If you want to see your school, employer, church, or retail store offer better snack choices that don’t contribute to poor health, call or email us today!

Trade out the Junk for Healthier options

Carefully Chosen Brands That Are
High Quality And Delicious

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