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Healthy Recipe Packs

Are you tired of hearing the age old question, “What’s for dinner?” From your husband and kids 

after a long, hard day at work?

You want everyone to eat healthy but fancy gourmet meals are NOT your forte, 

nor do you have time (or want) to spend all evening in the kitchen.

I have your ultimate solution right here…

Moms and Busy Healthcare Professionals: 

meet your solution to lengthy recipes and unhealthy meals

Healthy Recipes

Recipes that are delicious and nutritions to please your family, and your mom heart, with the knowledge that meals are easy to make, taste great, and are healthy at the same time!

Basic Cooking Skills

I know you don’t want to have to be a chef to feed your family amazing meals that they will request over and over. You don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen. Who has time for that?? Our recipe packs include easy to make foods and step by step instructions for a  quick turn around on busy meals.

Delicious Meals

Show your family that eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland, boring, or time consuming. Preparing healthy recipes can be a fulfilling and refreshing experience.

Delicious, Healthy, Easy to Prepare Recipe Packs  

 Starting at just $10.00


Are you struggling to find delicious healthy recipes? Need a little inspiration in your kitchen tool kit?

We have the perfect recipe for you! So many delicious options for a nutrient packed meal or snack.

We have an A-La-Carte recipe pack with Healthy Recipe ideas ready for you. Save the packs for use at a later time and mix and match your meals each week to have lots of healthy options on hand for yourself or your family.

If you like this recipe pack, you’ll love our subscription recipe packs! Save when you subscribe to the monthly packs and get over 30 pages per month of delicious recipes ready to try and save for later. Scroll down for more info.

More Delicious Recipes For You

The Ultimate “What’s for Dinner?” Recipe and Meal Plan Solution

Are you always struggling to figure out the age old question, “What’s for dinner?”

Buying more than you need at the grocery store and having lots of food go bad in your fridge because you just don’t know what to make??

Do you prefer to customize your meal plans for the week to have new recipes and ideas for snacks?

Want to add, change, remove recipes and plan for recipes that use things you have on hand or in that are in season?

This is the perfect recipe pack for you! Each month you’ll receive your recipes right to your inbox with delicious, easy to make, healthy recipes for you and your family to enjoy. PLUS, you also receive a shopping list with all of the ingredients and quantities of items you need to buy for the number of people you’re feeding!

Let’s Chat

 I know the struggles of finding delicious, healthy recipes that the whole family will enjoy. That’s why I created recipes that are delicious, healthy, and easy to make! If you have questions about the recipe packs, please feel free to contact me!        

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