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How Can
CCM Benefit
Your Practice?

Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions may qualify to receive Chronic Care Management Services.

  • 1:1 Nurse Attention

Nurses provide education and disease management to patients each month

  • Care Team Access

Access to 24/7 Nursing Support for question or problems between provider visits

  • Improved Compliance

Regular calls keep clients accountable and engaged in their health each month

Practice Benefits:

Time in between visits can be crucial to a patient’s condition and time consuming for your office. CCM services offer patients the attention they need to keep them out of the hospital between follow up visits.

Our Services

Did you know Medicare reimburses for CCM services?

  • Decreased Call Volume

Clients can call and speak to their care manager for questions or concerns. Decreasing the burden on your office staff for complex patients.

  • Improved Outcomes

Each patient has up to 3 calls each month. Regular touch points increase compliance and outcomes.

  • Lower Admission Rates

Decrease your practice’s hospital admission rates by providing regular, reimbursable calls between visits.

  • On Call Support 24/7

Nurses are on call 24/7 for CCM patients who have questions or concerns about their care plan.

  • Coordination Of Care

Our notes are documented in your EMR and we follow your visit notes to create our plan of care for your patient.

  • Monthly Passive Income

Your office pays us a portion of the Medicare rate and your office keeps the rest as passive income.

See How CCM Could Benefit Your Practice

Your Patients
Are My Priority

Patients with chronic conditions often feel overwhelmed with their treatment plan. So many medications, different directions, monitoring vitals, weights, or blood sugars can be so confusing. All of these interventions lead to poor compliance AND poor outcomes, frustration, worsening symptoms, and increased hospital admissions.

Home Care is an amazing service, but what happens to patients who don’t qualify, or after they are discharged??

CCM Services fill in this much needed and very necessary gap in available care between hospital stays, home care, and office visits. Your care is only as beneficial to your patients as their compliance to your treatment regimen.

Let me fill in this gap and help you support patients to be more successful in managing their chronic conditions.

“It is so helpful to have the extra time each month to be sure I’m taking care of myself! I’ve been better with my medicine and checking my blood pressure when I’m supposed to.”

Donald    Patient

“I always have questions between visits. Knowing that someone is going to call me and I can ask how things are going is so helpful. I have called with questions and they are always available and so kind!”

Diana     Patient