Tired of worrying what illnesses
are circulating?

Your Immunity

Are You Dreading Your Kids Bringing Home
More Sickness Than Homework During the School Year?

Kids are like little germ magnets!
But you don’t have to buy stock in hand sanitizer and tissues
or put your kids in a bubble this cold season.
I’m here to show you how!

In the current immune climate, do you know how to protect your family from viruses and illness?

We all know the impact COVID-19 has had on our society. The changes to our usual routines, death of loved ones, and fear that some still harbor over this and other illnesses has etched itself into our minds. We cannot let our fear take away our lives and time with others. I’m here to give you the power to fortify your immune system and your body against illness and disease. You CAN prevent acute illness and chronic diseases from overtaking and overturning your life. I’m here to show you how.

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Traysi! I am a wife and mom to 2 girls. I’ve been a Registered Nurse since 2007, a Health Coach since 2019, and am Certified in Functional Medicine. After being a nurse for almost 10 years, working mostly in intensive care and hospice, I started asking myself why doctors “treat” diseases the way we do in traditional medicine settings. It wasn’t until my own health struggles over the next couple of years that I found that the real treatment for diseases is in our lifestyle choices and what we put into and on our bodies.
Taking care of your body is more about how you prevent disease rather than how you treat it.
Join me for a glimpse into how healthy living can be both delicious and rewarding, and how easy it can be to plan, prepare, and serve delicious meals that are healthy too!

Proven Programs

Proven strategies to improve your immunity and help your family stay well through cold season.

Nutrition Management

Learn what to add to your routine and how to avoid sabotaging your immune system with your habits.

Optional Support

Additional support and increased understanding to reinforce learning and improve your outcomes.

Welcome to Your
Immunity Solution


Understand how the Immune System works and how to build bulletproof immunity.


Learn cooking techniques and easy recipes you can use over and over again.


Learn and check your understanding. Review anytime with lifetime access.


Learn How To Keep Your Family
Healthy This Cold Season

Level 1 Immunity Mini-Course




4 Week Course to learn how to improve your immune function with simple, attainable steps 

Key Immunity Boosting Strategies 
Know what prevents your Immune System from working 

Understand how lifestyle choices effect immunity 

Key foods that help support healthy immune function

Immune Supporting Recipes and Cooking Demonstrations
Recommendations and Discounts on Immune Boosting Supplements 
Nutritional Guidance to Improve Your Immune Function 

Free Recipe Pack, Shopping List, Meal Plan of Your Choice 
Choose from Smoothies, Snacks, Dinners, Quick Bites, Soups, and more!

Valued at $299

Level 2: Immunity Course and 1:1 Guidance




Access to all Level 1 features 
1:1 Coaching Session To Identify Immune Challenges (1)

Group Coaching Calls to provide support and accountability (2)
Improve Your Immunity Guide

Create Your Plate Handout for Healthier Eating
FREE Month of Customizable Weekly Meal Plans 

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack Options Included 

30 Days Online Support and Messaging

Valued at $499

6 Month Immunity Bootcamp




1:1 Guidance and Coaching (10 Sessions)

6 Months of Fully Customizable Weekly Meal Plans
Try New Recipes For Every Meal- Yours to Keep!
Complete Weekly Shopping Lists

Access to Professional Supplement Dispensary and Discount

Individual Action Plan to Improve Your Immunity, Health, and Much More!!

Determine What Root Causes Increase Your Susceptibility to Illness
Goal Setting and Accountability Worksheet to Help You Stick to Changes 
Building A Healthy Kitchen Guide Handout
How to Prepare the Perfect Meal in 4 Easy Steps Handout

Healthy Swaps Guide to Sneaky Delicious Meals Handout
Charged Monthly at $175 (minimum 6 months)

Or Save $100 With Pay in Full Discount of $997

Valued at $2499

We will gladly help you to choose the best program and optimize your immune system

7 Simple Steps to Easily Add Healthy Habits Into Your Busy Life

Claim your free copy of this insightful E-book.

I’m here to help you learn how to eat foods that not only taste delicious, but make you feel amazing – you will glow from the inside out! I’ll help you find your balanced lifestyle. I believe there is no “perfect” way of eating that works for everyone; we are all unique!

Lets get in touch!

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  • 410-596-8177
  • Info@mystyleofwellness.com
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