GUT PUNCH Program:

Punching out the cause of chronic disease.

Do you go to the doctor every 3 months to "manage" your chronic conditions but only end up with more medications? Let's get to the root of your chronic health issues!

blood sugar meter and medication on the blue background

I know your struggles

Are you struggling with some of these, or other symptoms?


You go to your doctor regularly. They check your bloodwork and say, "Looks good, see you back in a few months." Meanwhile, your phone buzzes with a notification that your medications are ready to refill.


You have more aches and pains, a few (or a lot) of extra pounds. You're tired all the time and rarely have the energy for your kids or grandkids. Despite being so tired, you can barely sleep through a whole night without waking up. 


Your doctor calls, your bloodwork is high and they need to put you on another medication. "It's just part of aging," they say. You take a lot of pills for your chronic conditions but you don't *feel* any better.

“After over 15 years working in "Healthcare" I've found a better way to treat disease”

Meet the designer of this program.

Hi, I’m Traysi! I am a wife and mom to 2 girls. I’m a Functional Medicine Certified Registered Nurse Coach. After being a nurse for almost 10 years, working mostly in intensive care and hospice, I started asking myself why doctors “treat” diseases the way we do in traditional medicine settings. It wasn’t until my own health struggles over the next couple of years that I found that the real treatment for diseases is in our lifestyle choices and what we put into and on our bodies.
Taking care of your body is more about how you prevent disease rather than how you treat it.
Join me for a glimpse into how healthy living can be both delicious and rewarding, and how easy it can be to plan, prepare, and serve delicious meals that are healthy too!

What this Program Offers

I want to meet you where you are
because let's face it,
if you're not ready to give up your habits,
there is no amount of coaching
that I'm going to do
to convince you to let them go.
So let's take it one step at a time...

Nutritional Support

Know what to eat and what to avoid while you truly heal your body. Eat delicious, easy to make recipes in your own kitchen.

Secure Platform

Programs are offered in a secure online medical record system that is HIPPA compliant and easy to use. Secure messaging for questions and support.

Professional Supplements

Professional supplement dispensary and recommendations. Access to complete, high quality supplements.

Professional Services

Years of experience in the medical field as well as additional certifications and resources to help you reach your health goals. 

How We Take on the Challenge

As much or as little as you need.
Tailor your program to meet your unique goals.

Level 1

5-Day Whole Food
Health Reset

  • Are you stuck in a health rut? Not sure where to start or not sure that you're ready to go all-in yet? This program is perfect for you!
  • Delicious meals in a short, easy to follow plan, done for you shopping list, daily support, and Pre and Post visit consults.

Level 2

Comprehensive Lab Analysis and Recommendations

  • Tired of going to the doctor just to have them shake their head at your lab results and put you on another pill?
  • Let's talk about what your lab values really mean and how you can get them back on track.
  • We can review labs you've already had, or request an updated set.

Level 3

Gut Punch Restoration Program

  • Self guided online program designed to guide you through the steps to repair your gut and your health.
  • Complete program with 8 modules, each complete with detailed information, recipe guides and shopping lists.

Level 4

Complete Restore Your Health 6 Month Program
Includes Levels 1, 2, and 3

  • This 6 month program is designed to look in depth and remove the causes of your specific disease.
  • Regular visits, support, and a thorough plan to improve your health and help you live your best life.


Hear from others that we've helped with their health.

Working with Traysi has transformed my health! Understanding why my labs were continuing to go the wrong direction was so helpful.


Traysi revolutionized my health. Her insights on foods and habits boosted my understanding of why I was having issues with energy and keeping up with my kids. 


A big shoutout to Traysi for her health expertise. My meals have never tasted better. I learned so much about what real food looks like. No more fast food for me!


Traysi redefined my health strategy. Her insights led to a boost in energy and helped me feel so much better. Her expertise is top-notch, and I'm grateful for the positive impact she has had on my health.


I couldn't be happier with the guidance from Traysi. Her advice on foods I should avoid, and my daily goals helped me lose weight and find my long lost energy. Truly impressive!


Thanks to Traysi for helping my kids eat the healthy food I was fixing for our family. I've been able to get everyone on board with these delicious meals and snacks. They are learning about how good food helps their bodies to grow and we all feel so much better!


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Health Reset

Early Bird Pricing

$249 Retail Price

Now Just $159

Program offers plus bonuses

  • Reset your eating habits
  • 5-Day Whole Food Program
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Complete Shopping List
  • Daily Email Support
  • Pre & Post Program Private Zoom Strategy Call

Lab Analysis

Early Bird Pricing

$999 Retail Price

Now Just $299 

Program offers plus bonuses

  • All Level 1 Features
  • Comprehensive Lab Analysis from a Functional Perspective
  • Professional Supplement Recommendation 10% Off
  • Dietary Modification Overview
  • 3 Months Real Food Recipe Guide
  • Complete Shopping List
  • Detailed Program Guide

Gut Restore Program

Early Bird Pricing

$1999 Retail Price

Now Just $699

Program offers plus bonuses

  • All Level 1&2 Features
  • Comprehensive Gut Health Revamp Program
  • 8 In Depth Gut Health Modules
  • 8 Recipe Guides &Shopping Lists
  • Save 10% on All Supplements
  • Discounted Lab Pricing

All Inclusive 6 Month Program

Early Bird Pricing

$3499 Retail Price

Now Just $1899

Program offers plus bonuses

  • All Level 1, 2, &3 Features
  • 6 Month Restore Your Health Program
  • 1-2 Visits Per Month
  • Secure Priority Messaging Support
  • Personalized Health Strategies
  • Get to the ROOT CAUSE of Your Health Struggles
  • $200 Lab Testing Credit
  • 20% Supplement Discount

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