I have been trying to work on my health as well as my family’s health, and I really want to focus on health this year!! I’m starting by researching and educating myself on improving what goes into our mouths as well as on our bodies (more on that later 😉!!
One thing that I have always avoided but really knew in my mind was probably important is Organic food. Why is it better? Why is better more expensive?!
Organic foods aren’t exposed to the chemicals and pesticides that traditional produce is exposed to. These chemicals and pesticides can contribute to the development of lots of chronic health conditions (more on that later) as well as cancer. Some of these chemicals are banned in other countries because they are so bad for us!! The FDA isn’t watching out for us, we have to watch out for ourselves!!

Why Organic?

Because pesticides kill gut bacteria too, and synthetic fertilizers contribute to cancer and other diseases. Yuck, why put that on your food?!

I started training to be a Health Coach last year, in this training a speaker was talking about the quality of our foods and why Organic is better. I always avoided most organic foods because they are more expensive!! She talked about finding a CSA in your area to purchase your produce from, which I always assumed wasn’t an option for me in my area. I was WRONG!! There are SEVERAL CSAs in my area and many are so close to me and I didn’t even know it!! For around $20-30 a week I can pick up fresh Organic produce for my family!! This site has lots of CSAs by state or zip code so you can see what’s available in your area too.
Check out Local Harvest’s site here for lots of CSA and farm info in your area!

I’ve also been trying out various produce boxes that contain all Organic produce! They’re also very cost effective and include LOTS of organic variety! Many of the items they get are rejected by grocery stores because of scarring, size, or overstock. Plus, not having to leave the house for groceries is always a plus 😉 Here’s a code for each to save on your first box if you want to try them.

🍎Hungry Harvest is by far my favorite! They have amazing quality produce. Most items are huge and so tasty! They have different Harvest prices and sizes then, after you select your produce for the week, you can choose from a decent variety of different pantry and cold items. We’ve gotten everything from apples to eggs, even yogurt! You can choose from an organic or non organic harvest. The box is hand delivered by a driver. 

Save $20 when you sign up, cancel or skip anytime!
Click here to try Hungry Harvest

🥦Misfit Market is usually my second favorite. They have only organic produce available. You get to build your box from the ground up and choose everything you want. They also have a large variety of produce, cold items, pantry items, and even meats! A little bit of everything really! Free delivery after you spend a certain amount. The boxes are shipped, which can be an issue for quality depending on how they are treated, however, customer service is awesome and I’ve never had them question an item when I say it is damaged.

Save $10 when you sign up, cancel or skip anytime!

Click here to try Misfit Market.

🥕Imperfect Produce is good, I’m currently upset because they switched to hand delivery and I have to go pick up my box at a location they deliver to now 😆. They also have a large variety of organic and non organic produce, are completely customizable and have lots of other grocery and meat options. Some of their options are not as healthy as I would like (for example, imitation meats and some ingredients in products aren’t optimal) but you can totally skip over and choose what you like. They also have more and more self branded and reclaimed items.

Save $80 on Imperfect ($20 off of your first 4 orders)!!
Click here to try Imperfect Produce

If you’re not in the Central Maryland area and want to find local ugly produce companies near you, here’s a great site that you can use:


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