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Hi, I’m Traysi 🙂 I’m a wife, mom, nurse, and wellness advocate. I have worked in many different areas of healthcare and the one common thread has been helping people. I have helped people who have chronic conditions and lifestyle habits that continue to influence their health. I have struggled at times with these things as well. It can be so hard to break through the barriers to maintaining our health and reach the goals that we set. I want to help you meet your goals!!

My passion for wellness started with my second pregnancy. I have always been thin, but my food choices were very much lacking in nutrition. I seemed healthy on the outside, but on the inside my body was not getting what it needed. I was working nighshift, staying up with my oldest daughter during the day, sleeping sporadically and far too little. I found out that I had gestational diabetes at 28 weeks pregnant and I was floored! Why me, with no risk factors (or so I thought), even my doctor was surprised! I was able to maintain my diabetes through diet but after my baby was born, I realized that I needed to start making changes to keep my temporary condition from becoming permanent!! I had also picked up and held onto a few pounds between and after both pregnancies 😬. This was the beginning of my health story… 

I started making adjustments to my lifestyle and improving my food choices. I learned about gut health and the role it plays in chronic conditions as well as energy, immunity, mood, sleep, and energy. Along the way I’ve learned what helps and what doesn’t, as well as picking up a few tips and tricks. I want to help you reverse your chronic conditions, get off all of those medications, improve your energy and sleep, and manage your weight. Your goals are attainable, and I can help!


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